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Post by Pride on Wed Apr 17, 2013 1:18 pm

I personally offer Flavor Text, Description, Dialogue Script, Taglines, and other general writing related things for fairly low rates. Feel free to message me, and/or ask on this forum for anything you're wanting and I'll tell you what I can do, and how much I charge in a private negotiation with you. I strive to make things affordable for you, the customer, and maintain a healthy relationship with customers as a whole.

To quickly run down each thing I've said:

Flavor Text is tastefully coordinated small description of an Item, product, Unit, Object, Building, and/or Enemy/Character that is generally a short, and sweet description of the item. I also offer more in depth writing in the terms of Description.

Description is a more in-depth version of Flavor Text, ranging from fleshing out a Character, to increasing a plot, to giving clear, strong, and moderately longer descriptions of products and such.

Dialogue Script well written, realistic and believable dialogues, unless of course you desire unrealistic or such, in which case I'd be glad to oblige.

General Writing is anything not included in the above, ranging from plot organization, writing poetry, short stories, or general writing content for you, also includes writing History/Lore for things

Taglines range from Business Slogans to Character Catchphrases, I'll try my hand at anything new in the Tag lining business as well.

I ALSO SELL MY SERVICES FOR pOINTS, generally, I have nothing to offer unless you have over 300 points, these services include discounts, free revisions, and free work in general.


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