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Idlenight Current Advertisement Services

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Idlenight Current Advertisement Services

Post by Pride on Wed Apr 17, 2013 1:30 pm

I got my own page, project Anima, to 1K likes from scratch without any solid project or produce to show my members, except for continual updates of sketches and designs that weren't even fully completed.

FACEBOOK LIKES: As such, I have no problem advertising your page. This'll cost a very small fee, however, I ensure you that I'll increase your page likes and views. I have to start advertising Idlenight anyhow, so it's not a big deal. The free would be Monthly for active advertisement, the members need to discuss this however.

Currently, I offer my product review services for free, point me to your product, and I'll gladly review it on any site of your choice. This offer only holds until I've made a name out of my reviewing service. I'll review on any site you ask, including places like Newgrounds.

I also offer advertisement within the Interesting Games Section. Send me your game, and I may or may not share it sometime. I will gladly review and rate it along with this for free. This will continue to be free until Idlenight has a large advertising base.

Idlenight will eventually have a Featured forum in which the Idlenight Members will advertise different sites, games, and products. This will cost a small fee, however, it is not implemented yet, simply because Idlenight does not have the member-base to merit its worth currently.
Yup, more to be added in the future.


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