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What is Idlenight?

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What is Idlenight?

Post by Idlenight Administration on Sun Apr 14, 2013 12:27 pm

So, you might ask, who are we and what do we do?

Well, here's your answer, we're a small group in the process of becoming a company who plan to bring forth a revolutionary chain of events to the design cause.

We're a multi functional group, each one of us has a varied skillset, and a strong passion for each thing that we do.

Have you heard of the Butterfly Effect? It's a form of Chaos Theory in which small events can cause larger, stronger events via a sensitive dependence on initial conditions, for example: A butterfly's wings being beat several weeks ago could have provided the conditions need that eventually led up to the formation of a hurricane.

We are that butterfly. Our skills are our wings.

So what is it that we plan to do? Our members are all multi passionate, ambitious personalities. We have plans for everything design related, including, but not limited to: Animation, Font Creation, Comic Writing, Electronic Design, Creation Software, Video Games, Custom Design, and Resource publication. However, primarily, we are a group of members brought together by a passion to create Video Games, treated as a Medium, rather than a toy. We have multiple Artists with varying levels of Style and Skill, an extremely talented Sound Developer and Electronic Musician, a group of Musicians, many charismatic members, and a growing level of drive and production. Expect a lot from this, and we'll eventually succeed even that.

Each member offers their individual services to the general public for a fee, do not hesitate to ask if you're in need of any of our talents. An Introduction forum will be made soon, to introduce us, as well as for you to introduce yourself to the community.

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