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Meet the Members #1: Who we are

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Meet the Members #1: Who we are

Post by Pride on Sun Apr 21, 2013 1:17 am

I'm going to quickly run through the current members within Idlenight.

We are divided into 4 Categories currently:
Idlenight Reserve: The Idlenight Reserve consists of our commissional members. We ask these members for sketches, or quick flavor text, and offer an X amount of money for these services. Currently, we have no income, so our Reserve currently does commissions on future pay. Currently, our Reserve consists of three artists, Lust, a talented artist, a good financial head, and a singer, she is not a core member due to the fact that stress and her goals have made her realize that Idlenight is not within her major goals, and she does not want to give her all to something that's not her. Another Sketch Artist, Hope. She is currently creating comics, and is extremely proficient in drawing Anime/Manga-esque characters and creatures. And our final Reserve Member, Dylan, who works as a sketch artist as well, providing a much more neutral sketching style which we can use in multiple instances to refine into a usable design in almost any format. We also have XI, who does Type Setting, can run Game Servers, and does Sketches as well.

Idlenight passive: Idlenight passive Members are a lot like Idlenight Reserve, however, Idlenight passive have basically requested unpaid leave, they receive reduced percentage pay on their previous works, and no hourly wages (When we implement hourly wages, which is currently impossible] These members plan to return to Idlenight in the future as Full, or part time members. The members currently include Kyuki, and Seven. Seven handled our Management, and Kyuki handled musical loops and game design via Game Maker professional.

Idlenight part and full time: Obviously the only different within these is the time spent on Idlenight. Currently, all members are working part time, obviously. These members include myself, as an Artist in all forms of Art, a Game Designer, and Management, Luna, AKA Envy, who handles all Sound related aspects, dapples in Game Design here and there, and is one of the main members currently working on the Software aspect of Idlenight, Greed, who handles Music, Soundtracks, Graphics Art, and Game Design, Wrath, who handles Sketches, Scientific Explanations, Anatomy and Movement, Concepts, and Networking, and Blasphemy, AKA Kennakat, who handles Sketches, Game Design, and Concepts as well.

We have many future members lined up, including more than 3 Artists, 1 App Designer, and another Networker, however, we are not sure when these potential members may come into Idlenight.

Anyhow, I think that gives you an idea of what we've got under the engine for now.


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