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Meet the Members #2: Q&A

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Meet the Members #2: Q&A

Post by Pride on Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:56 pm

What do you enjoy about games?

Wrath: The way you can step in to them, I think. Well, it's what I like.
Sloth: Story line, the characters, and the utilization of the gaming world.
Pride: I especially like the solid interaction and harmony between multiple artistic mediums,
and the immersion that that harmony creates.

Envy: Being immersed in an imaginary world full of inspiring things and events, in single player
and co-op. In pvp it's just straight competition.

Greed: I like video games because they give me a sense of control and comfort that I don't have in life.
Blasphemy:They're an escape to a desired reality that you have control over.

Why do you want to create a game?

Wrath: I don't know, to keep me occupied and so some of my ideas will be out, manifested.
plus I said to Pride that I would help him.

Envy: It's the perfect job. Getting to contribute to a community that I love, and being able
to sharpen my abilities and expand my library and boost my portfolio all at the same time
is a dream.

Sloth: Well ever since 6th or 7th grade, I've always wanted to make a game. Games can bring people together for fun and/or a cause. you can build a company from it and people in general love to play video games.
Pride: I want to make a game because the value of learning to harmonize my work with more than 3 other mediums sees overly ecstatic to me, as an artist.
Greed: I want to make video games because from a very young age I've been fascinated with video games because of this and I have a lot of great ideas that I'd love to see be brought to life.
Blasphemy: So I can show other people my thoughts and ideas and other realities, and i have a strong passion for creating things

What's your favorite genre of video game?

Wrath: Good question. I enjoy Role playing games the most. they usually have the most detailed worlds that you can lose your self in.
Envy: Fps, technically mmorpgfps is my favorite concept, but I've never seen it done. and I like Fps, action, and horror sub genres because they're the most immediately immersive.
Greed: Rpgs, mostly free roaming rpg that don't limit the fighting style in a turn based attacking style. I like it because the characters and the storyline along with the feel of the gameplay always feels extremely unique and captures my attention much easier than any other genre.
Sloth: Anything that is MMO I suppose. Rpgs, Rts, Fps, etc. etc.
Pride: My favorite games are usually either Complex Rpgs with management and free distribution, or Zelda-esque puzzle/action adventure games. Simply because they work a certain part of my brain that I like to use, but don't use often enough outside of games.
Blasphemy: I don't think I have a favorite, but I don't like Rpgs very much.

What 4 Colours does each member reflect as being the most 'game' colours?

Wrath: Orange, Blue, Red, Green
Greed: Red Yellow Blue Green
Sloth: Green Red Blue Black
Envy: purple black and brass. Thinking of a 4th colour would just be a random colour off the top of my head.
Pride: Red Black Green and Red
Blasphemy: Blue, Green, White, Grey

What's your favorite console and why?

Envy: pc is my favorite platform, straight up. No competition. PC is my favorite platform straight up no competition. Best games, Best design, Best controls. The only downsides are least portability and highest price. Also, LAN parties. Fucking LAN parties are the most fun thing in the world.
Pride: I feel like the pc gives me the best access to games. Although I wish I had a ps3 for the sole reason to play Unfinished Swan
Sloth: PC, it's more modifiable. It's open too, has free resources, and builds a community better.
Greed: I feel like I'm biased towards ps3. But I feel if I had a fast enough computer, I'd be a computer kinda gamer.
Wrath: Hmm, My first choice would be, Nintendo 64. It had a lot of weird things about it and it's old, but I grew up playing on it. Second would have to be PC just because of the awesome stuff you can get on it.
Blasphemy: The gamecube, because I can't break it.

Last game you hugely enjoyed?

Wrath: I really enjoyed KSP lately. Just because I enjoy building large uneconomical monstrosities an putting them in orbit.
Envy: perfect World Online. Because crazy nostalgic memories.
I would not be a musician if I didn't play it. Literally.

Sloth: Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Minecraft is fun too, wish I had a better computer. Arma 2 was fun too I mean the tactical stuff I had to do within eGO was amazing. It took me a long time on how to fly a heli though. Thank god I opted for Infantry.
Pride: last game I enjoyed was No One Has to Die. It's probably the best game story wise I've played in a flash game in years.
Greed: last game I hugely enjoyed? probably Assassin's Creed 3.
Blasphemy: Brutal Legend.

As a game developer or a contributor to a game, what do you want to bring to your audience?

Wrath: An experience worth having.
Pride: I want to bring not necessarily fun, but immersion. I mean horror games aren't 'fun' in a sense.
Sloth: A community that expands and brings idea to us or helps us.
Envy: Honestly, all I want to bring is a game that doesn't waste their time :p
Greed: What I want to bring is a storyline that sucks the players in. I'll know I did my job right if they obsess over the characters and plot like they would their favorite movie or TV show.
Blasphemy: *Censored*..... something that the players will love with woah factors out the ass.

Why aren't you pursuing a better career?

Pride: Define a better career? I don't see a career much better than this one, personally. xD
Envy: For me, it's a mixture of things. Mostly my respect for the famous video game composers makes me want nothing more than to have my name on a credits page on a big title game.
Wrath: It's a passion, it's not for everybody but I want to give it a shot.
Sloth: Hmmm... I just know it's a passion I've had for a long time.
Blasphemy: It's a passion and the thought process behind it is a challenge:p

Why not choose a bigger group?

Sloth: Because I want to work from the ground up like other people have done in the past, with Counter-strike, Day of Defeat, and it's a lot easier to do it with a 'friend company' than an bigger company.
Pride: For me I'm not much of a follower. If the path that's already been walked doesn't let me walk the way I like I'll have to make my own path through untreaded territory. Also, I won't feel I've earned the right to call myself a game developer if I didn't start from the ground up.
Wrath: Honestly? Because I'd rather be in a company from the start than jump aboard another company straight off. I mean it'd be good for experience but I feel I can get some ideas actually appearing in game than if I was working at a large company.
Envy: When Greed described ATTW7 to me at first, he made it sound like a tight knit group of dedicated people who worked hard and interwove their abilities to create something amazing. And It's not that, but I believe that it could be. Which is why I'm here.
Blasphemy: too many people. and im comfortable with the members in idlenight

What do you want Idlenight to stand for personally?

Sloth: An Achievement
Pride: I want Idlenight to stand for innovation and a level of respect between the consumer and the company and vice versa. I'd like us to be a very friendly group but not pushovers.
Wrath: Hell an experience, perhaps a success.
Envy: Hand crafted quality. Content that feels like it was made by people and not corporations.
Greed: A new age in gaming where the consumer gets what they want eery time. And where none of the games IN produces are anything less than breath taking.
Blasphemy: Consumers get good games, and really get excited for us, and that we're people not money crazed slackers

If you had to choose one specialized role in game design, what would it be?

Wrath: Networking Technology. Honestly, I'd much rather be an idea guy or an artist. Like a writer or storyboard artist.
Envy: With my current ability I would mix and master soundtracks, and master the OST for release. All day every day.
With skills I learned I would be a set designer and prop expert. Basically the guy who decorates the levels.

Blasphemy: Ideas and Drawings and managing members
Sloth: Something with writing, public relations, or community manager.
Pride: I enjoy doing everything. But my native talent is Art, so I'd stick with what I've done the longest.

As a game designer, what kind of games do you like to make/see made? Both in Genre and Aesthetics.

Pride: I really like Sensation and Exploration. Honestly for the same reason that Jace likes Sensation and Emotion. Because it makes my job more satisfying. I've noticed I really enjoy concepting platformers, I have no idea why. xD
Wrath: I'm not bothered about the aesthetics I prefer something new, something fresh, like fusions between genres that are interesting.
Envy: Anything emotionally involved. Because my job shines so much more there. Kind of selfish, but it's honest. Yeah, I mean. The spotlight is on music in that one moment when your heart jerks. The story is important, the art is important, the voice acting is critical. But music is that one thing in that one moment that makes your eyes water in that one scene.So games with that kind of stuff is what I love the most.
Greed: Rpgs and breath taking new ideas and concepts.
Blasphemy: Platformers. and as long as it has an actual idea thatls well executed and not all about how many kills you can get, that's fine by me. Also, I'd like to let the consumers tell you what they want and such
Sloth: To be honest, if the game can hold a decent story line, with depth of characters, that should be all the mechanics it needs when it first comes out. If you can build upon it and wait for the community to build and ask what they want, you will easily be able to get mechanics they want and not just what we want.

How do you want the community to see Idlenight?

Envy: I want the player community to see us as a beacon. I want the development community to fear us. Oh, and I meant the alternate definition of fear. Reverential Awe.
Greed: As a legitimate team, one with great ideas, one whom they can always count on to produce great and amazing games.
Pride: I want them to see us as a beacon as well, the only lively, large light, in a night sky of tiny stars. Development teams I want the opposite. I want other teams to line up to help us out because they know even a reference on our games would help them greatly.
Blasphemy: As a legitimate game group that is capable of success. To which they'll actually offer help and provide a community backing for. I want them to see us as a friend and not a corporation starving for the money in their wallets
Sloth: Their access to a company that listens, rather than a company that wants money.


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Re: Meet the Members #2: Q&A

Post by Kyuki on Tue Apr 30, 2013 11:18 pm

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