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Idlenight Forum Rules

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Idlenight Forum Rules

Post by Pride on Wed May 01, 2013 12:24 am

please read all of this topic for the easiest use of our forum! Thank you.
General Rules:
- Do not spam. Repeat offenses will be dealt with accordingly.
- Do not abuse the reports system. We can ban you from the reports system if necessary.
- Do not swear, these forums are open to everyone, we would like it to be mostly pg-13 due to this. If you must, use something like "Fudge" or such.

- Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Report offensive and/or distasteful comments for Moderators to view and determine whether or not action should be taken.
- Criticisms to other members in any of the forums should be constructive and/or useful commentary. If they are offensive, they may be overlooked if they are helpful, however, neither nice nor helpful posts will be deleted, and repeat offenses will result in action being taken.

Chatbox Rules:
- Treat others the way you would like to be treated. A Moderator will ban you from the chatbox if you are considered to be offensive and not benefiting the conversation at hand.
- Be appropriate. Inappropriate links, images, or remarks will be warned, and actions will be taken for repeat offenses.
- Do not spam. This will also result in a temporary ban from the chatbox.

Image Content Rules:
- Images should not be inappropriate for work, such as intensely gorey and/or semi pornographic in nature images. Eventually, we may have a private section for these sorts of things, however, for now, they are not allowed.
- Images should be beneficial and/or useful to the conversation or update at hand, if the image is considered "Unrelated", a moderator will contact you for you to determine how it is "related" to the topic, if you can't provide a reasonable response, it will be deleted.


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