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pokemon X and Y: Location Mounts and new pokemon

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pokemon X and Y: Location Mounts and new pokemon

Post by Pride on Mon May 13, 2013 8:40 pm

According to recent new, Mounts and the Location have been revealed.

a pokemon by the name of "Gogoat" has been released, and the character is seen riding it. Also, the land is called Karosu, and apparently it's based loosely off of France like many speculated.
there are also 3 other pokemon, go check them out.

personally, I'm a little happy for the, again, longer overdue riding feature. But those aren't pokemon anymore. This generation, the new pokemon *aren't* pokemon. the only thing on this page that registers as a pokemon to me, is the cute little panda thing, which is supposedly a fighting type. (20 bucks it becomes the "Drunken Fist" pokemon!]

seriously though. These designs make me sad. Not because they aren't good. They are. But because they have officially lost all of the qualities that make me think back on pokemon, and are distinct transitions in art, which, in a canon universe, shouldn't exist so strongly. Ah well.





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