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Bubble Avoider to be released soon!

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Bubble Avoider to be released soon!

Post by Pride on Fri Jun 14, 2013 12:30 am

Idlenight is proud to announce that our upcoming, and first, game will be released soon. This game will likely be released on our Newgrounds, Mochi Games, and Kongregate accounts, among other places should they accept. Bubble Avoider is a simple avoider game where we've done our best to take a simple idea, and make it interesting. Namely, an Avoider game. This game will likely feature re-branded versions for each website, one for each of the three previously mentioned. It is designed in Stencyl.

We also have two other games being 
prototyped: Space Swarm, an arcade two direction shooter, and Shape Shooter, a minimalist full direction shooter. When they come closer to being finished, we will release them via Newgrounds, Mochi Games, and Kongregate as well.

Also, u
pon each release, we will release something for free along with them. Bubble Avoider will include a free resizeable .png of a super simple ABC Bubble Font, among other things. Expect it within the next few days, possibly a week if we get backed up. We're currently finalizing and play testing game play and adding in Sound and Music.


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